An Introduction

Hello, I am Brandy Little. I am currently 22, and a senior at the University of Tennessee, which is located in Knoxville. I am majoring in Public Relations, so it is only fitting that I start a blog where I write often. Writing is essential in PR and practice is key when trying to master anything.

Since this is an introduction, I will share some more background information about myself. I am from Nashville, TN and I attended Hume Fogg during high school. For people unfamiliar with Nashville, Hume Fogg is located downtown on Broadway. Each day after school, I walked through downtown to catch the bus home. Spending four years downtown helped me become familiar with all of the streets and shops near my high school. Going to the ice cream shop down the street with my friends was one of my favorite after-school memories.

Now, flash-forward to 2016, and I live in the Fort, a neighborhood within walking distance from UT’s campus and downtown Knoxville. After living so close to campus and downtown for four years, I am extremely familiar with all of the best shops and places to go in Knoxville. I discovered the Bluffs during my freshman year at UT. The Bluffs are a series of cliffs that overlook Knoxville and are the perfect place to go with your friends when you need to be outside.

I enjoy living in Knoxville and attending UT. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I have to learn and gain connections within this city. That is all of the background information I have for you all now. I will leave you with this picture I took at the Bluffs, a couple years ago.

meow 027


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