“Live Life With Open Arms”

Yesterday, March 29, I had the pleasure of listening to several panelists speak at Music, Murder, and Entertainment: How to Kill It in Social Media during  UT’s Social Media Week. Erick Baker, songwriter and TV host of Tennessee Uncharted, really stood out to me as he gave advice and played his song. Erick Baker gave much advice, but the points that stood out to me are, “Live life with open arms,” “Don’t base decisions off of money,” and “There is so much power in passion.” Erick is a UT graduate who majored in PR, just as I am now, and he did not know what to do after he graduated. He taught himself how to play guitar and made his own path to becoming successful. He is proof that people like me, who are not sure which path to take, will find the right path by following their passion.

All of the panelists were inspiring and each of them offered great advice that I will remember. Paul Jankowcki of New Heartland Group made me think about brand strategy in a way that is culturally relevant to the audience. Mike McCloud helped create World Food Championships, what he described a “Food Superbowl.” Mike McCloud touched on passion as well, he realized food and cooking are a passion several people have, and he could help the average person achieve their dreams of becoming successful. Deborah Allen helped me think of social media in a different way: social media is spiking an increase of Internet-related crimes. Social media interactions among users can become negative and crime can occur.

Each of the panelists use social media, however they strategically use the social media platforms that their target audience is using. For their personal usage, each of the panelists preferred a different social media platform, however most felt like Twitter is effective to express ideas.


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