A Different Spin on This Blog

Hi, I am Brandy Little, a senior majoring in PR, who is excited to graduate in December. I am from Nashville, Tennessee but I have lived in Knoxville since I began college in 2012. I am currently interning for a local business, Children’s Media Studio, where I manage their social media accounts, write blog posts and update portions of their website. I am very interested in the social media aspect of communication and would enjoy getting an entry-level job where I would be in charge of social media accounts.

I am extremely interested in using social media to communicate and luckily, I have the opportunity to take a social media class this semester. My blog will feature several posts that incorporate social media in some aspect. I intend to write on a variety of interesting and trending topics.

Honestly, I am thrilled to begin writing regularly about different social media topics. My goal for this blog is to learn more about social media and how organizations utilize various channels. I also plan to utilize this blog to create a personal brand and strengthen my writing skills.