How Social Media can advance fashion brands

I’ve always been interested in clothes-maybe it’s a girl thing, but I enjoy matching clothes and finding unique pieces of clothing and accessories.

I use Instagram and follow several clothing brands who advertise their products on the site. I have noticed a few brands in particular that have grown in popularity due to their strategic use of Instagram and other social media channels.

One example is, Alien Outfitters, which originally began as The Moon Cult, and is still listed as The Moon Cult on their Instagram. Alien Outfitters has formed partnerships with other brands and designers to sell their merchandise on the company’s website. The customer base has grown due to their popularity on social media.

One tactic that Alien Outfitters has employed in its Instagram posts is to re-post photos of customers who have purchased merchandise from Alien Outfitters and have tagged the company in their social media post. The picture below is an example of this.


Photo retrieved from:

However, Alien Outfitters also utilizes other graphics that include humor, trends and other interesting images that is appealing to their followers. This kind of content helps Alien Outfitters increase their followers on Instagram, and form a connection with its followers behind offering information about their products and sales.

Another interesting tactic that fashion brands have employed on social media is giveaways and contests. Several clothing brands have featured giveaways or contests for various products, followers can enter the giveaway by posting a screenshot of the giveaway/contest, following the accounts sponsoring it and also potentially using a hashtag or tag that can be used to identify entries.

An example from a popular brand, Dolls Kill, is a contest they sponsored in which contestants could win gift cards to Dolls Kill and Lime Crime. The challenge is pictured below from their Intsagram.


Tactics such as those listed above can create excitement and buzz around a brand, which in turn can produce positive results for both the company and its customers.


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