Instagram Stories v. Snapchat Stories, What’s the difference?

Recently, Instagram decided to update their app, once again, to include a new feature–Instagram stories. Instagram stories are similar to Snapchat in the aspect that they only last for 24 hours before the stories disappear.

The concept seems interesting and that it may attract users into using Instagram more frequently. However, a casual poll in my social media class showed that no one who uses Instagram was particularly interested in the new feature nor did they use the feature.

Snapchat stories seem to be more popular among people who use both social media platforms, because Snapchat users can have private conversations through pictures as well as posting a public story for all of their followers to view.

Users who view Snapchat stories can also view stories from around the world that pertain to current events or trends. Snapchat also posts stories and filters based on geographical location. For example, the University of Tennessee has its own Snapchat story during the school semester, and students can submit stories to be published on the university’s social media channel.

From my personal experience, I am more likely to post a story on Snapchat than to use the story function on Instagram.


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