A Hero on Social Media

When our world begins to be filled with negativity, it is important that we keep looking for the positive that still exists.

A great example of this is Officer Tommy Norman who patrols Little Rock, Arkansas. Officer Norman brings joy to not only the people he serves, but the entire world as his social media pages have become viral.

Picture from Officer Norman’s Facebook page, showing a recent article about his concern for the community.

I first noticed Officer Norman’s work on Facebook, from a video that he posted of giving gifts to under-privileged children. Officer Norman is extremely active on Instagram and shares all of his videos and pictures to his Facebook page, which has made his videos go viral.

Through his community work, Officer Norman has made some of his community members famous as well. People from all over the world send gifts to Officer Norman’s friends.

Davey, is a great example of an excellent person who deserves all of the kindness the world is sending him. Davey has a disability which prevents him from talking, but it is still clear how much love and appreciation he has for everyone’s kindness towards him.

His smile brightens up my day, and here is a recent video of Officer Norman seeing Davey while on patrol.

It is rare to see a community so excited to see a police officer that they ran up to greet him with smiles, hugs and pictures. But here is another video that shows the community’s affection for this hero.

It is refreshing to see love and hope on social media where there used to be negativity and hate. I encourage everyone to follow Officer Norman on social media, his videos always make my day a little better.


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