Trending in Social Media: iPhone7 & more

Lately, I open social media channels such as Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook and see iPhone 7 and iOS 10 as trending topics. As an Andriod user, I have a slightly different opinion on the new iPhone and iOS.

Personally, I do not have the financial resources to buy a brand new iPhone and to upgrade my phone after each new version is released. This is one reason I prefer Andriod operating systems, as I do not have to upgrade as often as I would with an iPhone.

However, a downside to not owning an iPhone is that several of my peers own an iPhone and I miss out on messaging features that only iPhone users can share with each other (iMessage). For example, Mashable explained the new text features that iOS 10 has, such as full-screen animations and emoji replacement. An example of emoji replacement is pictured below and is an easy way to make your texts more interesting. Another exciting feature is the ability to handwrite messages.

Image from Mashable (

OK, so maybe I am just a little jealous that I don’t own an iPhone. Perhaps, one day (probably when the iPhone 10 comes out) I will join #TeamiPhone. For now I am stuck on #TeamAndroid.


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