Trending News in Social Media: Sports Icons Deaths


Tweets about Arnold Palmer’s recent death; From Tiger Wood’s Twitter (

On September 25, two sports athletes passed away. Famous pro-golf player, Arnold Palmer passed away at age 87. Jose Fernandez, baseball pitcher for the Miami Marlins, also passed away at age 24.

The death of Jose Fernandez was the result of a late-night boating accident that happened after an argument with Fernandez’s girlfriend. The baseball player had invited his team mates and close friends to join him on the boat ride, and unfortunately, two of his friends also passed away during the accident.

The surprising death of Fernandez has left his team mates, fans and family devastated. It also makes me upset, and makes me question similar rash decisions I have made after having arguments with loved ones. I, myself am only 2 years younger than Jose, and I know I certainly do not want to live this world so soon.

Reflecting on the life of Arnold Palmer, makes me aspire to have a life as successful as his. The thought of growing old has always frightened me, but recently I have realized that life is precious and must be treasured. Living until 87 is a blessing in itself, but making a difference in people’s lives, is my ultimate goal in life.

As a close to this entry, I just want to remind everyone to not take life for granted-appreciate everything and everyone you have in your life, and live to make a difference in the world.


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