Social Media Trends: Start of a new season


Photo from Facebook (

Fall is officially here- or at least the Internet agrees that the season has started. Lately, my social media has been full of memes, pictures and videos are related to the start of fall.

Even fashion brands take advantage of the season by advertising their new line of clothes that are of course-fall colors. Deep reds are always a favorite autumn color, year after year. For example, here is an ad from Hollister on Facebook for their fall clothing: (Notice the hashtags used!)


I can’t complain though-since Fall is my favorite season. I mean, 70 degree weather, crunchy leaves and sweaters make the season perfect. Plus, fall brings out cute pictures like this one:


Photo from Pusheen’s Facebook

Also, heavily associated with fall is Halloween! My favorite holiday happens to be Halloween and I am never opposed to seeing and buying as much Halloween-related stuff as I possibly can.

Just look at these adorable Halloween cookies from BrookiesCookiesCo on Instagram!

Enjoy the best season of the year!




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