National I Love Lucy Day

As I was scrolling through my Twitter moments feed, I noticed that today happens to be “National I Love Lucy Day.” When I was younger, in elementary and middle school, the series was still aired on TV Land. My parents introduced the show to me and once I got over the show being in black and white, I began to like the show.

The show ran on CBS and its season premiere was on October 15, 1951. The show ran for 6 years, until 1957. “I Love Lucy”  brought many groundbreaking moments to television and 65 years later, the show is still being watched.

Lucille Ball, and her character Lucy, have made countless people laugh over the past years. ” I Love Lucy” also paved the way for shows after it, by introducing new topics in their episodes. For example, the episode ‘Lucy is Enceinte,’ featured a pregnancy announcement, which happened to be revolutionary for its time in 1952.


Image from Today in TV History’s Twitter:

The show is a glimpse into the past and displays several of the traditional values that many Americans still preserve, which is one reason I enjoy watching the show.

What is your favorite episode? CBS News has made a list of the best 10 episodes, look to see if yours made the list!



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