Another reason why social media is helpful: honest makeup reviews

There is nothing more disappointing than going to the store and buying a new brand of lipstick only to find out that you hate it. A waste of between $6 to $10, or even more (hopefully not) just happened.

Social media can help prevent this issue. I have run across several users on Instagram who upload pictures and videos of reviews and real depictions of how the product looks.

It is extremely helpful, and financially wise to look up random users on social media who recommend a particular brand. I used this method to learn about NYX, a low-costing alternative that produces high-quality pigmented lipsticks and other makeup products.

One Instagram user particularly enjoys NYX as well and uploaded a video of her applying the product.

I also enjoy users who upload mini makeup tutorials on their Instagram. One user I follow, @phonyghost, uses a variety of makeup brands, including NYX. She uploads videos and pictures of her unique and vibrant makeup, which I personally adore. A picture of Aurel, @phonyghost, is pictured below.

Photo from @phonyghost Instagram detailing all of the makeup products used.

Social media is saving the day and our wallets again with honest reviews of makeup.


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