Thoughts on Bridge


Sydney Harbour Bridge, image from Wikipedia.


My blog is in response to The Daily Post’s blog.

Bridge is a word that has positive attributes. The word reminds me of relationships and how one must “build a bridge” with others in their life.

Building lasting relationships is essential to public relations. No organization or individual can be successful without a foundation of mutually beneficial relationships with other organizations and individuals.

Building a bridge or relationship takes time and effort. Continuous effort is critical for establishing relationships with other individuals. Effort is a sign that an individual cares, and is critical when forming any new relationship.

One method organizations and individuals can maintain relationships is by using social media to engage and communicate frequently. PR practitioners must effectively use social media channels to build trust and form strong bonds with their publics.

Individuals have the strongest relationships with those who attempt to keep the relationship alive. For example, an old bridge that has not be attended to in decades is not as reliable as a bridge that is repaired often. Relationships are similar to bridges, in the sense that relationships that have not been tended to in years are more likely to collapse. It is also imperative to not cause any damage that may destroy and burn bridges. Although the phrase is cliché, losing relationships can have negatively impact the reputation of organizations and individuals and their ability to effectively communicate to their publics.


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