What’s Trending? The Election

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The election is trending everywhere.

2016 is a critical year for America, a new president will be elected and the memes about the election may finally come to and end later this month.

The most interesting aspect about this election, to me at least, is how so many friends on my social media accounts do not particularly like either candidate. From the crude comments and blatant personal attacks from candidates on both side, who can disagree with those Americans who feel as if they can not support either Trump or Hillary.

I also found an article from a high school teacher who asked her students what they thought about the election. Their thoughts echo some similar feelings that I have scrolled pass on my news feed, which is: the election is full of unprofessionalism on both sides.

American teens, some of which are not even old enough to vote, have strong opinions about this year’s election. Noah, a 17-year-old high school student, says, “I will still remain an American. I love this country, what it is and what is was, but I’m honestly worried about the future.”

Noah, 17, Image from “I’m afraid of this election” by Amy Powell on Mashable.

One of the most interesting quotes from a high schooler is from Sophia, who is only 16 years old. She says, “It seems to be full of drama, almost like high school drama, and whoever wins will impact the world. Whatever happens, happens… but all I see is craziness, madness. What will become of this world?”

No matter the outcome of the election, Americans are worried what will become of the future. As a fellow American, I encourage all Americans eligible to vote, to go out and vote!


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