How social media reassures misinformation

The algorithm of Facebook allows its users to be reassured of false information. Facebook shows posts that display similar values or beliefs that its various users agree with.

The level of misinformation that circulates on social media is astounding and somewhat concerning. Much false information was spread by supporters from both parties during the recent election.

One example appeared on Facebook and was posted by an account in favor of Donald Trump, call Trump Train. The account posted the following image.

Cobain trump 1

Image retrieved from Snopes, (

The image insinuates that Kurt Cobain predicted the results of the 2016 election and endorsed the President elect as well. However, the entire information on the picture of Cobain is completely fabricated.

I found the particular assertion in the above image to be hilarious, as I am an avid fan of Kurt Cobain and can immediately know the statement is false.

However, the fact that there are social media users who will purposely create and distribute false information is disheartening.

On the other side of the argument, one can say that it is the responsibility of social media users to research any information they find on social media to and validate its accuracy.

As a regular user of social media, I recommend doing a few Google searches before posting or believing any image or information you come across while you are scrolling down your feed.


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