Instagram Live


Image from Instagram’s blog

Recently, when I turn on my wi-fi, I may receive a notification about a particular user I follow who is currently streaming a live video.

Instagram Live is similar to Facebook Live, however Instagram does not save the story for others to view after it has been finished. Instagram Live videos can only be seen in real-time, when the user is still using the feature.

Instagram users utilize this new feature in different ways. I follow one account who posts short clips and images related to the anime, Sailor Moon. The account will occasionally use Instagram Live to stream an episode of Sailor Moon to his followers.

I also follow accounts who post makeup reviews and tutorials. Several of these accounts use Instagram Live to stream real-time videos of their makeup routine.

Instagram Live is also a cool feature for users when they want to communicate with followers in real-time. Question and answer segments can be easily done through Instagram’s new feature. Viewers are able to comment on the live video, which is similar to Facebook.