Staying Positive; Taking Care of Yourself

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I apologize for the hiatus recently; there have been several personal issues that have been time-consuming and mentally draining.

For almost a month period, it appeared as if I had found an interesting new job to start my career path off. However, setbacks have determined that the original path I planned on taking has changed.

Positivity is key in overcoming this speed bump in my life, and although it is difficult, it is possible. I must continuously keep this thought in mind as the next six months of my life unfold. This brings me to the real purpose of why I am typing a blog today. I feel that it is important to talk about an issue that is affecting me personally, and countless other people around the world.

A person, who is very close to me in my life, has been suffering with an alcohol addiction for quite some time. I have offered help to address his problem, however, alcohol always creeps back into his daily routine.

I have watched his personality slowly shift from out-going and passionate into unmotivated and apathetic. I have devoted a lot of my energy into helping him quit drinking, become motivated and grow. However, in the process of this, I have ignored several opportunities to help improve my own skills and accomplish my own goals.

The point of this blog is to acknowledge that is normal to care and devout effort and time into the significant people in your life, but it is important to remember to take care of yourself in the process. Emotionally and mentally drained is not how anyone should feel at the end of the day. It is hard to for someone who cares deeply about people to admit, but taking care of yourself must come before taking care of anyone else.

For anyone who may be in a similar situation, remember to stay positive and to do what is best for you.