Another reason why social media is helpful: honest makeup reviews

There is nothing more disappointing than going to the store and buying a new brand of lipstick only to find out that you hate it. A waste of between $6 to $10, or even more (hopefully not) just happened.

Social media can help prevent this issue. I have run across several users on Instagram who upload pictures and videos of reviews and real depictions of how the product looks.

It is extremely helpful, and financially wise to look up random users on social media who recommend a particular brand. I used this method to learn about NYX, a low-costing alternative that produces high-quality pigmented lipsticks and other makeup products.

One Instagram user particularly enjoys NYX as well and uploaded a video of her applying the product.

I also enjoy users who upload mini makeup tutorials on their Instagram. One user I follow, @phonyghost, uses a variety of makeup brands, including NYX. She uploads videos and pictures of her unique and vibrant makeup, which I personally adore. A picture of Aurel, @phonyghost, is pictured below.

Photo from @phonyghost Instagram detailing all of the makeup products used.

Social media is saving the day and our wallets again with honest reviews of makeup.


Another way social media could have helped me in high school

Let’s face it: high school is hard, not only academically but especially socially as well. At least, that’s how it went for me, someone who was too shy to speak up much.

Appearance has always been a constant idea on my mind, and this may be a common experience for several girls.

Although social media can lead to unrealistic comparisons, it can also help promote body positivity, and would have been a huge help for me to discover during high school.

Several users on Instagram use their accounts to promote body positivity in various ways. For example, users reveal the illusions photo editing software can create on social media. Instagram user, @omgkenzieee posted a collage of two similar pictures of herself: edited versus normal. Kenzie’s caption captures the negative effect social media can have on self-esteem of appearance and her attempt to combat the issue.

GOOD MORNINGGGG ✨☀️🌎 So, today is #cellulitesaturday 💆💜 Let's talk stats ok? These are pretty wild to me. 42% of girls in grade 1-3 want to be thinner 💔 78 fucking % of 17 year old girls are unhappy with their bodies 💔 "Teenage girls are more afraid of gaining weight then getting cancer, losing their parents or nuclear war." 😖😖😖 In 2013 the American Medical Association created a policy that really didn't go anywhere, stating that the effects of digitally altering images to impressionable youth were so harmful they cause HEALTH PROBLEMS. I'm not fucking making this shit up people. And did it do anything? Nope. That's why offering up my #realbody, unedited, unfiltered for you to look at, for trolls to rip apart, is important because we have LITERALLY FORGOTTEN WHAT REAL BODIES LOOK LIKE. To quote WIKIPEDIA "cellulite occurs in 80-90% of women, the prevailing medical condition is that it's 'merely the normal condition of many women.'" 👏NORMAL. It's fucking NORMAL.👏 With stats above it drives me so hard so that way my future daughters and sons grow up with more real images of bodies around them than I did. To pray their mental and physical health isn't as affected as mine was. #fuckyeahhhhh #thisbody #celluliteisokay #bodyconfidence #nobodyshame #recovery #bodyimage #bodyimageissues #cellulite

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Image from @omgkenzieee Instagram page

Kenzie posts several images that promote body positivity, another favorite image of mine is pictured below.


Image from @omgkenzieee Instagram page

Seeing posts such as these on social media would have inspired me to embrace my flaws and increase my self-esteem during my high school years. My dream is that more adolescent girls can come across more body-positive content on social media that boosts their confidence in their appearance.


National I Love Lucy Day

As I was scrolling through my Twitter moments feed, I noticed that today happens to be “National I Love Lucy Day.” When I was younger, in elementary and middle school, the series was still aired on TV Land. My parents introduced the show to me and once I got over the show being in black and white, I began to like the show.

The show ran on CBS and its season premiere was on October 15, 1951. The show ran for 6 years, until 1957. “I Love Lucy”  brought many groundbreaking moments to television and 65 years later, the show is still being watched.

Lucille Ball, and her character Lucy, have made countless people laugh over the past years. ” I Love Lucy” also paved the way for shows after it, by introducing new topics in their episodes. For example, the episode ‘Lucy is Enceinte,’ featured a pregnancy announcement, which happened to be revolutionary for its time in 1952.


Image from Today in TV History’s Twitter:

The show is a glimpse into the past and displays several of the traditional values that many Americans still preserve, which is one reason I enjoy watching the show.

What is your favorite episode? CBS News has made a list of the best 10 episodes, look to see if yours made the list!


Halloween Excitement on Social

Poison Apple 💉🍎 In collaboration with @shoplunamar who made the awesome Snow White inspired sweater in the previous post. Plus a ton of other cool fairytale inspired apparel ✨ PRODUCTS: @makeupgeekcosmetics @makeupgeektv Razzleberry, Bitten, Cosmopolitan, Galaxy, Curtain Call, Corrupt, Epic shadows + Super Nova and Martian sparklers. @litcosmetics Fire Cracker glitter ✨use code VENOMOUSVANITY for 20% off @sugarpill Love+ and Acid Berry @danessa_myricks Enlight powder in Synergy @katvondbeauty @katvond Trooper liner @mehronmakeup Paradise Paints @jeffreestarcosmetics @jeffreestar Redrum liquid lipstick @esqido Amp it up! Lashes #venomousvanity #sugarpill #katvondbeauty #jeffreestarcosmetics #shoplunarmar

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@venonmousvanity on Instagram has used Snow White’s poison apple for her inspiration in this amazing Halloween look!

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I don’t complain when holiday-related content appears on my social media.

Snapchat’s Discover pages have been creating content that is related to Halloween. For example, Cosmopolitan has posted stories that give their followers costume ideas. One of their stories contained 23 food costume ideas:the gum ball machine was my favorite.

Group costumes are extremely popular each year and Cosmopolitan also posted several group costume ideas. Current TV shows and movies always dominate costume ideas each year, and I have a feeling we will be seeing a bunch of Harley Quinns and Jokers due to the release of Suicide Squad. 

My favorite Halloween trend on social media is on Instagram, #31daysofHalloween. Several of the accounts I follow on Instagram have been creating Halloween looks each day in October, several of which are extremely talented and unique.

OCT. 13 "Off with his head…" ________________________________________________________ So freakin stoked at the way this turned out! I have been wanting to do the Hatter for so long and decided to try a little illusion body painting for the first time! I'm bummed I didn't notice that part of it got smudged while I was posing for my pics but what do you guys think? (Just put this one an arm's length away from your face. 😜) Definitely wanna play more with this black backdrop! Also… #thisismyhair #idontwearwigs 🎩☕️🐰 ________________________________________________________ #31daysofhalloween #octobercountdown #madhatter #offwithhishead #offwithherhead #hatter #aliceinwonderland #beheaded #throughthelookingglass #wereallmadhere #madhattermakeup #wonderland #transformation #illusion #headless #blood #chopped #specialeffectsmakeup #sfxmakeup #makeupartist #mua #beautyblogger #gay #gayboy #instagay #curlyhairdontcare #ginger #halloween

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I am a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland and on Instagram uses makeup and body paint to create this excellent redemption of the Mad Hatter.

I encourage you to look at the art several people are creating for Halloween! Their raw talent shows through and is always worth sharing with others! After all, think of how boring our world would be without art!

Hurricane Matthew

Image from:

Unless you have been under a rock, you have heard about Hurricane Matthew. My Facebook news feed, Snapchat and Twitter are all filled with news about the storm.

I would first like to acknowledge all of the people affected by the hurricane and I will keeping everyone in my prayers.

Social media is changing the way people communicate through devastating events, such as hurricanes. People who live in the area can mark themselves as “safe” on Facebook, which helps give some piece of mind to their relatives and friends.

It is also changing the way we view the storm. Years ago, the only images and videos the mass public got to view of a storm was through a news channel. However, now anyone can share news via social media.

There is a story dedicated to Hurricane Matthew on Snapchat. Several residents of Florida have been sharing images and videos of the storm’s damage.

People are also sharing videos and images on Twitter and are using the hashtag, #HurricaneMatthew. Here is one of the first videos that pops up under the hashtag.

The water levels are so high in parts of Florida there are sharks swimming around.

Image from:

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by Hurricane Matthew.




What’s trending today? Tennessee’s Win Over Georgia


Disappointed Georgia fan, Retrieved from:

I live in Knoxville, Tennessee, so my social media is cluttered with news about last night’s win; but in case you haven’t heard, the Vols pulled out a miracle hail mary and won, 34-31.

Tennessee Coach, Butch Jones is extremely emotional after the game and it is amazing to watch. (Here)  2016 is the first time the Vols have been 5-0 since 1998, so last night’s win was emotional for all Tennessee players and fans.

However, the best part of the win is how shocking it was to both Tennessee and Georgia fans. The look of shock on Georgia fans’ faces is truly priceless and their reactions are trending on social media currently.

The Orange and White Report wrote an article featuring Georgia fans’ tweets that contained the phrase “I hate Tennessee,” some of the results are funny.


Tweets referenced from:

One of the best reactions I have found on the Internet is  from Georgia fan, “Uncle Lou.”

This video from Uncle Lou’s YouTube is hilarious. The stunned silence at the end captures it all! If you are a Tennessee fan and need a reason to laugh today, check out this video.

Social Media Trends: Start of a new season


Photo from Facebook (

Fall is officially here- or at least the Internet agrees that the season has started. Lately, my social media has been full of memes, pictures and videos are related to the start of fall.

Even fashion brands take advantage of the season by advertising their new line of clothes that are of course-fall colors. Deep reds are always a favorite autumn color, year after year. For example, here is an ad from Hollister on Facebook for their fall clothing: (Notice the hashtags used!)


I can’t complain though-since Fall is my favorite season. I mean, 70 degree weather, crunchy leaves and sweaters make the season perfect. Plus, fall brings out cute pictures like this one:


Photo from Pusheen’s Facebook

Also, heavily associated with fall is Halloween! My favorite holiday happens to be Halloween and I am never opposed to seeing and buying as much Halloween-related stuff as I possibly can.

Just look at these adorable Halloween cookies from BrookiesCookiesCo on Instagram!

Enjoy the best season of the year!



Trending News in Social Media: Sports Icons Deaths


Tweets about Arnold Palmer’s recent death; From Tiger Wood’s Twitter (

On September 25, two sports athletes passed away. Famous pro-golf player, Arnold Palmer passed away at age 87. Jose Fernandez, baseball pitcher for the Miami Marlins, also passed away at age 24.

The death of Jose Fernandez was the result of a late-night boating accident that happened after an argument with Fernandez’s girlfriend. The baseball player had invited his team mates and close friends to join him on the boat ride, and unfortunately, two of his friends also passed away during the accident.

The surprising death of Fernandez has left his team mates, fans and family devastated. It also makes me upset, and makes me question similar rash decisions I have made after having arguments with loved ones. I, myself am only 2 years younger than Jose, and I know I certainly do not want to live this world so soon.

Reflecting on the life of Arnold Palmer, makes me aspire to have a life as successful as his. The thought of growing old has always frightened me, but recently I have realized that life is precious and must be treasured. Living until 87 is a blessing in itself, but making a difference in people’s lives, is my ultimate goal in life.

As a close to this entry, I just want to remind everyone to not take life for granted-appreciate everything and everyone you have in your life, and live to make a difference in the world.

Using Social Media as a voice

Today, social media is a great source for individuals to start discussions and voice their opinions. A trending discussion in social media is #BlackLivesMatter.

This movement recognizes the injustices against black lives and other POC who are American citizens. Not only does our government treat black individuals unfairly, but so does that media. Media coverage of similar situations that white versus black individuals are involved are drastically different from one another.

For example, the recent flood in Louisiana has left citizens without shelter and basic necessities such as food. The other week when I was scrolling through my Facebook, I noticed this picture:

This image was originally posted on EC Wash’s Facebook, but I cannot locate its original creator.

“Looting” and “finding” are two different verbs that invoke two different connotations, one is obviously meant to be negative and is attached to the black man. This is just one example of bias in media coverage.

It is important to use social media to speak out against the injustices in our country against our neighbors. The movement is important and the institutional racism that still exists must be addressed.

#BlackLivesMatter exists because the government and media have acted like they don’t–which is an issue that must be solved. Sure, all lives matter, but the movement is focused on emphasizing the lives that are not being mourned and appreciated in our country.


Image from the New Yorker.

It is great to start this discussion on social media but it is our duty to bring the movement further, and to speak up against any injustices you see occurring in real life. It is time to take a stand and help end the racism and inequalities that are currently plaguing our county.

Trending in Social Media: iPhone7 & more

Lately, I open social media channels such as Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook and see iPhone 7 and iOS 10 as trending topics. As an Andriod user, I have a slightly different opinion on the new iPhone and iOS.

Personally, I do not have the financial resources to buy a brand new iPhone and to upgrade my phone after each new version is released. This is one reason I prefer Andriod operating systems, as I do not have to upgrade as often as I would with an iPhone.

However, a downside to not owning an iPhone is that several of my peers own an iPhone and I miss out on messaging features that only iPhone users can share with each other (iMessage). For example, Mashable explained the new text features that iOS 10 has, such as full-screen animations and emoji replacement. An example of emoji replacement is pictured below and is an easy way to make your texts more interesting. Another exciting feature is the ability to handwrite messages.

Image from Mashable (

OK, so maybe I am just a little jealous that I don’t own an iPhone. Perhaps, one day (probably when the iPhone 10 comes out) I will join #TeamiPhone. For now I am stuck on #TeamAndroid.